Welcome to the Virtual Underwater Museum

Underwater archaeological sites are out of sight and more often than not out of mind. The reason for this situation is simple – the physical barrier created by the sea itself. To date, only divers or people in submarines are able to visit such sites. Through this virtual museum you now have the opportunity to explore these historic time capsules.

The Project

Advances in technology provide this astounding opportunity to explore the underwater world without getting wet! The use of powerful cameras and special underwater lights enable us to capture Malta’s underwater cultural heritage in such a way as to make it accessible to everyone, whilst also allowing the public to dive into history. The creation of this digital record contributes to the continued effort for the preservation and protection of Malta’s submerged cultural heritage for future generations.

The Team

Meet the archaeologists, divers and underwater photography and photogrammetry specialists that formed part of this international team, and without whom The Virtual Museum – Underwater Malta would have not been realised.

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Explore the depths of the Maltese Seas